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Asheville WordCamp 2015 Notes

WordCamp 2015 in Asheville was a great experience! Met several nice and helpful folks, and I found the sessions engaging and informative. Here are some of the notes from the sessions I attended. Hopefully they will help!

Responsive Images

  • Cell phones require the highest density – number of pixels needed for clarity
  • Google is now ranking sites based on how fast they load – cleaner code leads to better SEO
  • <picture> element – media condition to get an image based on screen size
  • srcset and sizes attributes
  • Pollyfill: provides functionality that you expect the browser to display natively
  • WordPress image resizing through the image settings
  • RICG responsive image plugin
  • Smushit image optimizer – strip all metadata


  • Adam Sewell – MyGeek Technologies, tinyElk
  • scott mcbride photographer – flickr
  • don’t be stinky!!!!
  • customer questionnaire
  • provide regular updates on project status, even when unprompted
  • put working hours in contract
  • create an off boarding process: how will the customer manage the project after you are gone? Factor this into the price
  • schedule follow up calls, use info to tweak the process.

Building Child Themes

  • When looking for a theme, look for a good community around it
  • Be different and unique to stand out from competitors – your site should reflect your personality and services
  • People come back to a site because of the content, not the theme.
  • WP File manager plugin
  • Google Chrome DOM tree tool

Performance Driven Front End Development

Allen Moore – 10 Up \

  • Loading files in the header causes pages to load slower
  • critical rendering path – code and resources required to render the initial view of the web page
  • front end performance has a lasting effect – affects perception of the business
  • how do website affect those with disabilities, such as adhd
  • custom condition hook – look to see if a feature in on a page to see if it will load
  • if something is not on a page, not load it
  • CRP styles inline, in the header, and all else in the footer
  • grunt-criticalcss –  will determine which styles are critical and create a stylesheet for you that can be loaded first
  • Performance budget – how fast does the site load, how fast do competitors load?
  • Chrome timeline option
  • – check on internet explorer
  • test site on multiple connection speeds

Theme Building Blocks

  • Enfold template
  • template hierarchy
  • what the file plugin – shows parts of wp theme
  • bloginfo(); – wp hook
  • Hooks come in two types: actions and filters
  • Sidebars are widgets
  • – generates sidebars and other wp code
  • post thumbnail editor plugin
  • wp_query(); – get wp content types
  • custom post type ui plugin
  • advanced custom fields plugin
  • snippets manager in adobe brackets
  • jonathan ross youtube playlist
  • coffee tonic – espresso, tonic

Your Theme Is Showing

  • Status Forward – Web firm in Asheville
  • Custom sites lead to a better return on investment in the long run
  • Website should fit the content, not the other way around. What will your content be, now and in the future?
  • Where will the client be in a year? Can the site evolve with the business? Scalable!
  • Advanced custom fields plugin
  • Divi theme

Web Design with UX in Mind

WordPress with Underscores – Lynda Tutorial

  • UX is a competitive advantage – a way to make your business or service more competitive
  • There is no typical user. Make it OBVIOUS!
  • Reverse colors, breadcrumb trains are good for navigation and showing users where they are in a site
  • Users act as if something is on fire – satisficing
  • Google PageSpeed tools
  • wpengine – web host
  • Information rich visuals, authentic photos
  • Make hero photo HEROIC